Hello there!  I’ve been at The Bell Bookshop since 2001 and still get a buzz from bookselling.  


I started my career as a Classicist then moved into Horticulture but still retain a love for the Ancient World whether it’s Homer ‘s Iliad  or Pat Barker’s “Silence of the Girls”.

I enjoy early twentieth century history and fiction and can’t resist books to do with Florence or Rome. However I can’t get enough of thrillers, spies, survival , ghost stories and crime. At the moment my favourite detective is Harry Hole and I have a soft spot for Highsmith’s anti hero Tom Ripley.  I’m a sucker for anything that has snow or ice in it, speaking of which...

Favourite tipple: Vodka Martini

Most re-read books: Paul Gallico’s “Snow Goose and Small Miracle”, Austen’s “Pride and Predjudice”, Wilde’s “Happy Prince and Picture of Dorian Gray”

Some other Favourite books:  Isthak Spilman’s “ The Pianist, Hans Fallada “The Drinker”, Thomas Eidson’s “St Agnes Last Stand”  Zola’s “Therese Racquin, Stephen King’s “The Green Mile” Robert Seethaler’s “A whole Life” and Graves’ “I Claudius”

Favourite films: Ben Hur, It’s a Wonderful Life, Where Eagles Dare, A Fistful of Dollars and Nacho Libre.


The Blackadder box set is always close at hand...Woof!