Hello there! I’ve been at The Bell Bookshop since 2001 and still get a buzz from bookselling. I started my career as a Classicist then moved into Horticulture but still retain a love for the Ancient World whether it’s Homer ‘s Iliad or Pat Barker’s “Silence of the Girls”.

I enjoy early twentieth century history and fiction and can’t resist books to do with Florence or Rome. However I can’t get enough of thrillers, spies, survival , ghost stories and crime. At the moment my favourite detective is Harry Hole and I have a soft spot for Highsmith’s anti hero Tom Ripley.  I’m a sucker for anything that has snow or ice in it…

Most Re-Read Books:

Paul Gallico’s “Snow Goose and Small Miracle”

Austen’s “Pride and Predjudice”

Wilde’s “Happy Prince and Picture of Dorian Gray”

Favourite Tipple:

Vodka Martini

Favourite Films:

Ben Hur, It’s a Wonderful Life, Where Eagles Dare, A Fistful of Dollars and Nacho Libre. The Blackadder box set is always close at hand…Woof!

Some other Favourite Books

Isthak Spilman’s “ The Pianist

Hans Fallada “The Drinker”

Thomas Eidson’s “St Agnes Last Stand”

Zola’s “Therese Racquin”

Stephen King’s “The Green Mile”

Robert Seethaler’s “A whole Life”

Graves’ “I Claudius”