Cooking For Fitness



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Most people understand the importance of taking regular exercise – be that walking the dog, going on a bike ride, running a half marathon or engaging in an iron man triathlon However very few understand that 75% of any successful exercise regime of any sort has to go hand-in-hand with eating the right food to fuel the training or exercise. In the exact same way as they need to wear the right clothes and shoes to undertake the exercise. To make it all even simpler all the recipes directly integrate with the award winning App MyFitnessPal. Cooking for Fitness is a beautifully crafted and illustrated book containing some 79 unique and bespoke recipes, complied in very understandable, straightforward terms, exactly how simple it is to easily learn how to fuel your training the smart way. Boost your performance and achieve your body goals, with the results you want, be that fat loss, muscle gain or whatever goals you are seeking. All put together based on the minimum preparation and cooking time.


James Haskell


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