The unsolved case files of Sherlock Holmes

Ross, Stewart


For all those puzzle aficionados who have long been devotees of the great detective’s ingenious methods and students of his science of deduction, this book is finally your chance to Solve it Like Sherlock.

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Publish Date: 17/08/2023


If you’ve always fancied yourself a match for the remarkable Sherlock Holmes, there’s no better way to test yourself than against these ingenious puzzles.

‘Full of the atmosphere and ambience of 221b Baker Street, it will feel like you stepped back into the pages of a Sherlock Holmes book’ – Booktime Magazine

In this unique puzzle book, prize-winning author Stewart Ross presents 25 Sherlock Holmes cases and challenges you to test your powers of deduction against the man himself. Perfect for fans of the iconic Cain’s Jawbone puzzle book but full of the atmosphere and ambience of 221b Baker Street, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into the pages of Arthur Conan Doyle … except, this time, with the chance to prove you’re a match for the super sleuth.

Each case provides all the evidence you’ll need to crack it, provided you’re sharp enough to pick up on the clues! With conundrums from codebreaking to lateral thinking, memory games to logic puzzles, The Unsolved Case Files of Sherlock Holmes will finally put you in the same league as the world’s greatest detective – and see if you’re up to the challenge.

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