Hello there, I’m Susie. I started out as the Saturday person back in 1999 and just stayed. Through those many years, I have put in frequent guest appearances both in the shop and during festival time. However, I now wander around the shop on a more regular basis, attempting to be helpful to our many lovely customers. As well as this, I also fly, not quite like the Wicked Witch of the West or indeed Dracula… I am much more Penny from the ‘Come fly with me.’

In these days and nights I spend traversing the globe, I try to catch up on my reading, interspersed with a few jaunts into whichever town or city I happen to be in.

Favourite Films:

Some like it Hot.

Most watched film: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – I just love Alan Rickman and Geraldine McEwan acting everyone else of the screen.

Favourite Tipple:

I’m a Gin-dependent woman!!

Some of my Favourite Books:

Dark Materials – Philip Pullman

All Souls -Deborah Harkness.

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Caroll

Maria Antoinette – Antonia Fraser

Grimms Fairy tales

Jane Eyre -Charlotte Bronte

Perfume- Patrick Suskind